Contract Checker

Our goal is to help eliminate Scam in the crypto space through our completely manual auditing services

An Official Security Partner of  

Contract Checker

Our goal is to help eliminate Scam in the crypto space through our completely manual auditing services

An Official Security Partner of  

Our Services

User Friendly

Our stylish, light and easy-to-read project audits review the code, team, website and social media and come with a Clean Certificate.

Private Doxxing (KYC)

Know Your Customer (KYC) standards are designed to protect the crypto industry against fraud, corruption, money laundering and much more.

Token Launch Consulting

Have an idea for a project and can't figure out how to launch it ? Our experts will guide you through the entire process from idea to success!

Contract Development

We have a dedicated team who can develop Smart Contract for your project.


We care investors and we want to eliminate Scam, that's why we develop a mobile application for investors to check by CA if the contract is Safe or not.

Doxxed Team by Pinksale

Because we are for Legit and Safu projects our team is Doxxed and KYCed with Pinksale.

Every Project We Verify as Safe, Gets a "Clean Badge"

Show your community your project is SAFU!

Once we analyze and certify that your project is safe to invest in, we’ll share it in our Telegram group! You can check all reports done by our team. We also edited a document for investor just take a look at our Checklist.


Clean Projects

Project: Weedo

CC Score ……….. 95%

Project: Widepeer

CC Score ………..95%

Project: MiniX

CC Score ………..95%

CC Score ……….. 95%

CC Score ………..95%

CC Score ………..95%

Contract Checker

For Investors

Join our Telegram group to ask us to check a CA, or download our Mobile application (Soon) and get informed in 1click.

For Project Owners

Ask our Team to check your CA, and get our "Clean Badge".

The Utilities

  • Scam investigation team (24/7)
  • Mobile Application
  • Checklist for investors
  • Manual Audit
  • Many more to come!

Our Team


There are no real  regulations in the crypto space. Anyone with some coding skills can create a project and a digital token to raise millions of dollars within minutes and instantly disappear with everybody's funds.

This is why it is important for investors to see that a project was properly reviewed in every aspect by a security company in order to ensure that they won't lose their hard-earned money. But for that, we need to check function by function and not only check if the contract is compiling.

1. Team: We ask the team several questions to know the plan, their knowledge in Crypto World, location experience etc.
2. Website and social media: We look at the project's website. We also evaluate all social media accounts and look for fake followers/comments and overall activity.
3. Technical audit: We do a  technical audit to look for any vulnerabilities in the smart contract. We also analyze top wallets as well as the team wallets to raise any flags of possible dumping and also LP.

No, we only award the projects that score over 90/100 in our point system..
Depending on the level of workload between 24h and 48h.

Our KYC services allow you to still remain anonymous while you prove to your community that there is a real team behind the project.

Note: we would never reveal your identities unless required by authorities in the case of a crime commited by the team.

Yes, everything in term of technic we can help you.

We only charge in crypto, more specifically in BNB or BUSD (but we can work with other cryptocurrencies), just contact us to have a quote.